Next Door Online – a movement supporting the best traditions, making them contemporary and profitable! We are:

  1. taking online the best spirit of community and good neighbourly living
  2. an online market place for the in demand off-the-beaten-path products
  3. encouraging rural, homemade, organic, traditional and new cottage industries
  4. creating income opportunities that will give life new producers and suppliers
  5. order processing, delivery and payment processing

Next Door Online:

  • for producers and gathers of herbal and medicinal plants (link to product page)
  • for cottage industries and homemade products (link to product page)
  • for commercial farmers (link to product page)
  • for ad-hoc suppliers who find themselves with any product in excess (link to product page)
  • for fisher folk, shrimpers and livestock farmers (link to product page)
  • for service providers of traditional skills (link to product page)

Next Door Online – a place of plenty, a cornucopia of One Love!